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Teaching that impacts is not head to head, but heart to heart.

Howard G. Hendricks

The child carer is the professional who looks after the children´s educational and behavioural aspects as well as their emotional well-being while under the professional´s tutelage.
The responsibilities of a child carer vary from household to household, depending on the family arrangements.

Some of the carer’s responsibilities and duties include:

Children are the most important part of life to their parents. At Happy Home we understand this from our own experience and strive to select our professionals accordingly. Our professionals are qualified to ensure the children’s safety and well-being while performing their duties with the utmost responsibility and commitment. 

Our child carers are qualified, experienced, and accountable. They go through rigorous, periodical background checks and assessments.

At Happy Home the must valuable skills of a child carer are:


Good physical health and stamina.


Excellent understanding and rapport with children at any stage of their development.


The ability to come up with creative ideas and solutions and to cope with stressful situations such as emergencies.


Capable to establish open and friendly relationships with the children and their parents.


First Aid skills is a much valued asset.


A pleasant and proactive attitude and engaging personality.