Elderly care zurich

When you approach an old person look at them in the eyes, observe their soul, contemplate their experiences guard their tears and welcome their pain. Do not worry about becoming weary, with their smile, you will be replenished.

Dr. José Valencia Rodríguez

Being old does not prevent anyone from intellectual, psychological and emotional growth. Quite the opposite, this is a stage in which personal achievements can and must be celebrated while reaping the fruits of labour use to future generations.

Adequate settings facilitate elderly´s activities regardless of the loss of some physical and mental abilities.
Happy Home provides people of old age with an alternative to residential care, allowing them to stay home and remain as independent as possible.

Happy Home’s care professionals support the elderly in a range of activities, such as:

At Happy Home we select professionals whose values and qualifications resonate with our vision and mission:


The quality of being friendly, kind and considerate. Elderly people benefit greatly from acts of kindness as it brings hope and joy to their lives.


Ability to understand other people’s feelings. Empathy allows us to see through the other’s point of view.  In elderly care it is essential to express and exercise compassion as it directly affects the person’s wellbeing.

Strong Ethics

The moral principles that govern a person’s behavior in conducting an activity. This is one of our key values in selecting our team of professionals.