Evelyn Roca

Happiness starts with a smile.

Evelyn, better known by Friends and family as Eve, was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1984.

As well as being mother of a wonderful girl, she obtained a bachelor of science in Elementary Education (EEDD) and has a Master´s Deegre in Educational Psychology from the University of Barcelona.

Her passion, helping others.

After serving for years in the pedagogic field, her main pursuit is to discover and foster the student’s qualities so as to nourish their confidence and consequently, their happiness.

From her own experience as a working mother, Evelyn has come across the difficulties that arise when looking for reliable personnel whose capacity and good nature are essential when it comes to look after her daugther and undertake the house chores.

Happy Home comes to being as the result of experience and necessity. And strives to provide domestic services that excel in the careful selection and recruitment of its personnel.

We focus on each individual’s capacities in order to guarantee their outstanding professionalism, growth and sense of humanity in the tasks that are entrusted to them.